The success of the company’s activity in many respects depends on the order in its document circulation. However, we must admit that not every company boasts the ideal order in the documentation. Qualified employees of Lex Service LLC will render you full assistance in solving problems related to labor law and human resources records management in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • Monthly maintenance of time-sheets for the correct calculation of salaries.
  • At the end of each month (monthly), quarter (quarterly), half-year (semiannual) and year (annual), reports are filed and submitted to the employment fund.
  • Drafting and conclusion of employment contracts in accordance with the laws.
  • Any changes in the staff table and related additions to employment contracts.
  • Amendments in employment contracts. Additions to employment contracts are of the following types:

a)changes in the number of leave days;

b)changes in wages;

c)changes in the job functions of the employee;

d)changes in the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (such changes occur from time to time).

  • Registration of business trips within the requirements of labor legislation, orders of the head of the company, other established documentation for personnel management.
  • Orders for the postponement of holidays in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Control over the timely use of employee leaves, leave orders issue, entry in the time-sheets.
  • Ordering workbooks in the Employment Fund.
  • Records entry in the workbooks of the staff of the company, provision of their accounting and storage.
  • Drafting, issuance of certificates on the current employment of employees.
  • Ordering pension insurance cards.
  • Filling out sick leave certificates and entering them into an electronic system for payment.
  • Orders for material reward.
  • Keeping personal history cards of employees.
  • Hiring, dismissal, transfer from position to position.

According to the amendments to the labor legislation, the electronic system of registration of employment contracts was introduced. That is, now none change (hiring, dismissal, change in the number of leave days, any changes in staff contracts (surname, passport change, job functions) can come into force until this change was entered into this system through an electronic signature.

Also at the client’s will, we conduct audits of the company’s personnel work. During the audit all shortcomings are revealed, explanations are given for mistakes elimination and an audit completion report is given.