Our consulting company provides a full range of professional accounting services on the principles of outsourcing.

Outsourced accounting is a transfer of company accounting for maintenance by external experts to optimize business process. Outsourced accounting helps companies to concentrate on the core business, reduce financial risks and minimize management and financial cost. Entrusting the accounting to a dedicated company has a number of advantages for your business.

One example would be: your accountant left the company and you have to hire a new employee. In this situation there is often a risk of losing data or documents, and as a rule, you got to know about this from the tax inspectors. However, when the accounting is handed over to a dedicated consulting company nothing can be lost, even after returning all the initial documents to you, the information is kept in the archive database and can be accessed even after a year.

If you choose our Company you will get the following advantages:

  • Savings on structural unit: usually the service fee is lower than the cost of maintenance accounting staff;
  • Elimination of financial risks: all financial risks related to accounting are transferred to us;
  • Additional consultations on legal ways for tax minimization, non-standard financial, economic and other legal issues;
  • Elimination of delays in the submission of accounting and tax reporting.

How beneficial is this for you?

The benefit of outsourced accounting has been already appreciated all over the world. Accounting service provided by a specialized consulting company is the most profitable offer today on the accounting services market.

Of particular interest to your company may be the transfer of the functions of the tax accounting department to the consulting company: the calculation of taxes, the drafting of tax returns and other reports based on primary documents and consolidated accounting registers.

Our company is equipped with most advanced and permanently updated software, allowing the maintenance of accounting in automated regime that can carry on the operations of accounting database developed by clients.


Trusting your accounting services for your business to experts, you will stop worrying about reporting, submitting incomplete, delayed or erroneous reports. You will be able to avoid penalties and sanctions related to violations of tax and accounting legislation.

Specialists of our consulting company will prepare and submit all accounting reports to the tax inspection, pension fund and social insurance fund, statistics.

The staff of our company provide the following services in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan:

  • Registration;
  • Maintenance of accountancy;
  • Preparing, filing of reports;
  • Restoration of accounting;
  • Drawing up accounting schemes;
  • Accounting consultations;